In My Sights
Pest Control Shoot & Trapping Specialists
Sutton, Surrey
Mark Atkinson
07834 533583
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IN MY SIGHTS traps are checked at least once every 24 hours. We spend more time than other pest controllers on site with our clients therefore we see the bigger picture and can judge pest or vermin activity much more accurately.

  • environmentally aware
  • professional & successful
  • traps checked every 24 hours
  • no poison bait
  • humane & effective

IN MY SIGHTS do not use poison bait because we firmly believe that animals suffer more when poison bait is used, sometimes taking days to die. They either crawl into a place that is dark or inaccessible. Worse still they can end up getting eaten by domesticated cats, dogs, or birds of prey, (e.g. Kestrels or Barn Owls.) that then become ill, sometimes with fatal consequences. Eventually poisoned animals will die making a breeding ground for flies, creating unwanted odours and leaving the client to dispose of the remains.

IN MY SIGHTS provide a humane, and effective, answer to removal of: Mice, Rats, Squirrels, Feral Pigeons, Wood Pigeons, Rabbits, Mink, Foxes, Magpies, Crows & other corvids and Insect Infestation. We are able to trap mice alive in large numbers, and dispose of them afterwards. (Field mice and House mice are released unharmed in a natural environment). Rats can be trapped and once caught dispatched immediately or they can be shot if the environment they inhabit allows. For large Rat infestation we use bait that is approved by the Barn Owl Trust that is proven not to cause secondary poisoning along the food chain. It works on the rat’s metabolism rather than nervous system and does not encourage smells once the rodent dies.

IN MY SIGHTS have successfully used this bait for the last five years.  There is no resistance to this bait because of the way it works once ingested. Because it only kills rodents it is safe to use around schools, riding centres, and livery yards, and catering establishments and farms. We then try to remove their remains, and dispose of them in a safe and proper manner.

IN MY SIGHTS are Registered Waste Carriers with the Environment Agency Thames S.E. Region. Our partners are members of a Home Office Approved Gun Club, and consult on any difficult issues with the Metropolitan Police Firearms Unit.




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